“Metallic disc with a very small hole in its centre, with which the objective of photographic cameras can be substitute in some occasions”.

This is the way the dictionary defines the term pinhole, one of the main parts in the pinhole cameras. But it is the hole itself made on the metal what is related with the pinhole.

A small 0.50 mm. thick brass plate is enough. It is very important that the pinhole is perfectly round and has no rough edges at all. If so, the image in the inside could be deformed, with stains or shadows.

The best solution for getting this perfect hole will be an adequate drill bit to the diameter we need.

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Without any doubt, the pinhole is the most important aspect in any pinhole camera. The dark small spot that shows the arrow is the pinhole this camera needs. Its diameter is just 256 thousandths.
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Comparative image to appreciate the size of the drill bit used in the manufacturing of the pinhole of the 35 mm pinhole camera.
Manufacturing process of the pinhole. A great care is required for working with such fragile materials.