Some years ago I saw for the first time pinhole pictures made with a dark camera. I was surprised, and not only with the images, but because of the creative process. A cardboard, wood or tin box was the body of the camera, and in one of its sides, a small hole was acting as the lens, the pinhole that, as if by magic, reproduced in the inside of that box one image…
… I decided to manufacture that kind of cameras, and once I had made different models, I thought of the possibility of a design that could let the load of 35 mm universal films. This, apart from giving us pinhole negatives of 35 mm with the advantages that it has, avoided us the bothersome job of loading and unloading the plate holder in the darkroom.
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More than fourteen years manufacturing 35 mm. pinhole cameras, and finally the new technologies let us show it and offer them to all of you.

The development of its manufacturing is completely made by hand. This, besides, give them the character of unique object. No camera is identical to any other.

© Josep Pastor Carbonell

After a lot of trials I arrived to a prototype. Once I made the appropriate adjusts, the design began taking form and I arrived to the structure of the 35 mm pinhole camera you have the opportunity to see in these pages. If you decide to work with one of these cameras, you will be able to write stories of light, but now the work and the decision is only yours.