Perhaps the most notorious character of the 35 mm pinhole camera is the possibility of loading the camera with universal standard films. The possibilities associated with this fact are multiple, but I think that the two most significant ones are the fact of obtaining the pinhole negatives directly (these negatives can be manipulated in the conventional way in the lab) and on the other hand, the loading of the film in the 35 mm plate holder let us make as many pictures as we want to without having to go to the darkroom for loading the camera once again, as it normally happens with other models of pinhole cameras.

This last characteristic I mentioned also lets us to experiment with different films like black and white, slides, colour, ultra violet, infrared, etc and of course, with different sensitiveness.

Here we show to you the correct way of putting it.

pelicula virgen pelicula virgen1

This is the way you will find the virgin film roll when taking it out of its parcel..

Remember you can use any film in 35 mm universal format..

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el corte el corte1

Cut the tong in a straight way, so you will leave it ready to be glued and loaded in the empty plate holder.

The plate holder that comes with the camera uses this system. There are another plate holders that need another ways of cutting and also of subjection to the inner cylinder.

el enganche el enganche1

Glue the film with sticky tape in the inner cylinder of the plate holder, making sure that it is perfectly fixed.

Once you have made this, the plate holder can be closed.

los chasis los chasis1

This is the correct way of preparing the rolls for being placed inside the camera.

A- Empty plate holder that holds the exposed film.

B- Plate holder with virgin film.

la ranura la ranura1

Put the rolls in at the same time making sure you place the film through the grooved between the frame and the back, such as shown in the picture.

los rebajes los rebajes1

Notice that in the inner bottom of the camera there are some small exemptions. They have been made in order to settle the standing out parts of the plate holders, and so avoid they can move.